Classical Hatha Yoga for all levels
in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Building Resiliency for Youth through Yoga in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut
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I have returned to work in Nunavut 4 times since this article was written in 2008 and have upcoming contracts to the year 2012

The Inuktitut word that comes closest to defining Yoga is INUSIALIRUUT. The definition in Inuktitut is “method or practice to bring about balance and “right” feeling.” Resilience is the strength of spirit to recover from adversity.

During my 7th and most recent tour to the North to work with teachers and students using Yoga in the schools, I met with the Elders who are part of the Nunavut Department of Education curriculum group. During this meeting, two grade 5 students and I demonstrated the 45 min Yoga class that I have been conducting in the schools in the North for 5 years. We learned from the Elders that the ancient Inuit culture had a Yoga like practice that was taught to the children by their grandparents for developing concentration, balance and strength (mental and physical) and flexibility. These skills would have been needed for the Inuit culture and community to survive in temperatures
of –70 in an area of up to 3 months of total darkness, with only what nature has to offer for food, shelter and clothing. A land of permafrost with no trees or possibility of agriculture.

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