Classical Hatha Yoga for all levels
in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Letter from Shobhan Richard Faulds
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Deepening a yoga practice does not require you to perform evermore difficult postures, although some students may choose to do so. Practice deepens as you attune to the inner flow of energy and awareness. Guided from within, you move and stretch in ways that nurture the body, rebalance the emotions, and fine tune the mind. On some days you may challenge yourself physically to work the kinks out. On others you may move gently to soothe body and mind.

With regular practice, you discover that sensations grow distinct and the inner world of emotion becomes more vivid. Mental awareness is refined, helping you discriminate between surface thinking and deeper, creative streams of thought. An attitude of compassionate self-observation emerges that expands self-awareness and leads to periodic insights and occasional breakthroughs. It is this steady deepening of presence, both on the yoga mat and in your life, that is the true measure of practice.

With contemporary yoga so focused on the physical, and postures woven into glitzy media images, it is easy to forget that traditional yoga was designed to initiate a profound process of personal transformation. The transformative process is best understood as an amalgam of three components: healing, growth, and spiritual awakening.

Many of us come to yoga to address health concerns or find a refuge from exhausting and hectic lives. We are in need of healing, the process of returning to normal functioning after trauma or injury.

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