Classical Hatha Yoga for all levels
in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Letter from Shobhan Richard Faulds
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Those of us that stick with it, discover our practice stimulating a steady stream of insights that help us shift and change in positive ways. This is growth, a gradual unfolding into a full expression of our human potential.

Spiritual awakening is different from healing and growth. It's a sudden shift in your sense of self that occurs when you touch the core of your being, the essential you that is already whole and complete, that doesn't need to change or get better in any way. This is the "true Self" that yoga depicts as infinite, eternal and joyous. Everyone proceeds down the path of transformation in his or her own unique way. Your experience will depend on the specifics of your life history and current circumstances. Rather than a linear progression, it's a spiraling path forward, in which you are constantly healing, growing and awakening to deeper levels of being, self expression, and service.

We are impelled by nature to mature, and compelled by parents and society to grow up. Ina similar but different way, we are called by spirit to full aliveness.

A calling does not have to be answered. It can be set aside for a time, shelved for a decade or two, even forgotten about entirely. While life goes on, there is a profound cost involved. It is impossible to be truly happy without exploring beyond the known limits of our current routines and habits, plowing new ground by overcoming past limitations, and discovering hidden parts of ourselves to tap new potentials. It is only poised on our developmental edge that we feel fully alive.

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