Classical Hatha Yoga for all levels
in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Yoga for Youth
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Yoga is especially beneficial for the many challenges that face our youth today. Kerry specializes in working in schools in the Tri County School board as well as schools in Nunavut.

Yoga literally translated means to “yoke” or unite. It means union; union of body and breath. When this union occurs, one begins to relax and feel calm.

Children today are different than when we were children in school. In today's world there is fear, confusion, anxiety, anger, depression. Unfortunately this sometimes manifests in the children and is often brought into the school room making it difficult to focus, to relax, feel good about ones self, and learn.

It is important to take the time to relax, to ground ones self and to invest in the positive aspects of life in order to balance the confusion. This can be done very simply and effectively on a regular basis in the classroom. When a child is relaxed, and has a sense of well being within themselves, they are better able to focus, learn and grow. Yoga helps calm the student and the surroundings, thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing. Yoga is also a safe and effective physical activity that any child can do whether they are flexible, or athletic or not.

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