Classical Hatha Yoga for all levels
in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Yoga for Youth
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As long as one can breathe, one can do Yoga.

It is important to keep in mind that Yoga is about acceptance and non-judgment. It is an ancient philosophy based on kindness and compassion. There should be no punishments, threats or anger associated with the time given over for Yoga. If a child or two is acting out and disturbing the rest of the class it is important to address it as a discomfort to the misbehaving child and their fellow classmates. Yoga should not be forced. It is appropriate to suggest to anyone not participating and causing a disturbance to kindly sit quietly off to the side, or leave the room out of respect to their fellow classmates who are interested.

Yoga is to be enjoyed in a relaxed, open environment. It is a good idea to allow time for discussion and questions at the end of a session.

Keep a sense of humor….relax…breathe…...enjoy…


meditation squat pose

Pictures taken Nov 2005 from Nakasuk School Iqaluit, Nunavut

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